The holistic empowerment of the poor self employed women within the co-operative structure

Artisans' Co-operatives

The traditional arts and crafts were an unexplored market with fewer options to promote and sell various handicraft products. The artisans, mostly in the rural areas occasionally have access to either primary education or markets. The Artisan's Co-operative of SEWA helps bridge the gap created between the artist and the market. By undertaking various issues in an organized manner, this Co-operative tries to create systems through which artisans get optimum profits for their products.

The Federation promotes co-operatives for the artisans and partners with various organizations to upgrade their skills and products as per the market trends and customer preferences. It locates markets for the products and links them with Government and private organizations to establish linkages for buying raw materials and sell finished products.

Today, there are 12 Artisans Member Co-operatives, out of which 7 are in Ahmedabad city and 5 are in rural areas of Gujarat State. They include:

  • Block Print
  • Chindi
  • Embroidery
  • Crochet
  • Aari work
  • Patchwork
  • Puppetries

Gujarat State Women's Sewa Co-operative Federation Ltd.

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