The holistic empowerment of the poor self employed women within the co-operative structure



The Federation supports four marketing outlets for its three most active trades - Artisans, Vegetable (SHG) and Fisheries (Matsyagandha). With marketing support, the Federation assists co-operatives to access newer, larger, contemporary markets as well as strengthens their marketing capabilities. Market surveys are conducted for our member co-operatives to better understand trade dynamics, identify new opportunities of work and gain effective feedback to promote the products and services of our member co-operatives.


Packaging being an integral part of marketing enhances the ability to market the products better and hence generate more income. The members are trained in packaging, labeling and pricing to make their products presentable.

Accessing new markets:

Setting up exhibition is another marketing channel that the Federation organizes for its members. The Federation facilitates regular participation of our member co-operatives in exhibitions held throughout India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. The exhibitions give wider market opportunities to access newer customers and help them sense changing market trends.

A global market vision:

In 1996, an export license was acquired by the Federation to facilitate exports of goods developed by the member co-operatives. Several times, this gives the members a chance to participate in a number of international exhibitions. The Federation facilitates its members in complicated export process like Packaging, Billing, Shipping, Documentation as well as Product Inspection and Quality Control. Today, the women make forays into the far corners of the globe and are adding value to their products.



In 1992 SEWA launched 'Design SEWA' to enhance and update the craft skills of women thereby increasing their income-generating capabilities and linking them with modern trends and markets.

Design Library:

Initially known as Design library, Design SEWA was conceptualized to give back the artisans their own traditional designs and skills. Today, it aims to refine the skills of contemporary artisans as well as sustain and propagate thriving art and traditions.

Design SEWA offers training and skills upgradation in handicraft designing. It trains women in different techniques like block printing, tie and die, patchwork, aariwork, embroidery, zardosi, crochet, puppetry, etc.

Design SEWA assists in the process of screen printing. The entire work of printing invitation cards, visiting cards, posters, pamphlets and banners for exhibitions and functions that were outsourced are produced in-house.

Diversifying designs to penetrate markets:

It assists in design and product development and offers transfer of existing designs on paper, developing new designs and supplying complete developed samples of designs. Through product diversification, it helps exploration of design alternatives that will attract diversified uses and markets for various products.

Documentation and Archives:

The documentation section of Design SEWA works towards preserving earlier work for future reference The documentation is maintained through photographs, design copies and sample collection of old traditional designs. This serves as a reference for processing future orders and facilitating linkages with foreign and local buyers.

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