The holistic empowerment of the poor self employed women within the co-operative structure

Sanklit Sewa

Over the past four decades sister organizations of Sewa have learned that a holistic and integrated approach is most effective in the struggle against poverty and vulnerability. It is such an approach that will slowly help women and their families to emerge from poverty and move towards self-reliance.

To consolidate and develop this integrated approach, the sister organizations such as Indian Academy for Self Employed Women, Sewa Social Securities, Gujarat State Women's Sewa Co-operative Federation Ltd and Mahila Housing Sewa Trust have developed a small unit called Sanklit SEWA (SS).

The SS seeks to strengthen the integrated approach by undertaking joint programs at the grass root level. It seeks to help women organize their own networks and to build their own organizations to address their various needs, while working together. It also offers its technical services to organizations working with informal women workers.

Gujarat State Women's Sewa Co-operative Federation Ltd.

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