The holistic empowerment of the poor self employed women within the co-operative structure

The Federation provides services to the co-operatives under three major domains:

  • Training
  • Marketing/Designing
  • Consulting


Training is both a dynamic and an adaptable tool of intervention. Its methods, techniques and content can be changed to fit the needs of the trainees, the program and the objectives.

Objectives of providing training:

  • To generate awareness and bring women into the co-operative movement
  • To strengthen the capabilities of individual members and group/co-operative to enable them to run their own enterprises effectively and democratically and be their own decision makers
  • To develop their competence to enable them to function in the new environment
  • To transfer professional knowledge and skills to the grass root level
  • To become their own decision makers
  • The Federation, committed to holistic development of the poor self-employed women through their co-operatives, provides training in a number of areas to build their capacities.

SEWA follows a structured training system for its members with co-operative training, management training, training for marketing and promotion, leadership, technical know-how and capacity building. It enhances the skills of every co-operative to become a proficient manager, capable of piloting as well as promoting the business activities of the respective co-operatives.

Technical Training given to members helps them deal with the techniques and processes essential to their respective vocation. It also prepares them for diversifying their existing skills and staying in sync with the emerging opportunities.

The Federation conducts need- based research for upgrading and reviving co-operatives. To keep members abreast of changing norms and policies, it also provides orientation to new cooperative laws, government schemes and credit programs.

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